What Will Happen When You Accidentally Involved In A Crime

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A mind-boggling movie blended with exceptional acting is very rare to find. The 2020 movie, Vyuham is one of such a kind. Madhupal directs it with art director Rajeev Kovilakom; this movie is action crime suspense with an excellent screenplay. The gripping narrative and mind blowing story will keep the audience hooked to their seats – be it in the theatres or in their own living room, where it streams on OTT channels like Aha. 

What is the movie all about?

The movie begins with the introduction of Ajay (Tovnio Thomas). He is a young introvert man who works in a hotel. He recurrently shares time with Chembakam (Saranyaponvannan), catering service, and supplies food to the hotel where Ajay is employed. Hence, they had developed a bond of mother and son together. On one unfortunate night, Chembakam was stabbed to death in his own house. The report is filed, and the police commenced investigating the case, but they were unable to crack the mystery in the end. To fix the reputation and resolve the case, Crime Branch takes over the investigation and brings Ajay into the case. They accused him and planted all the relevant evidence against him. Due to torturing and repeated harassment by police, he finally accepts the crime. But then one of his lawyer friends advised him to appeal to the judge to assign a lawyer for him on his side. The courts then decided to appoint Hannah (NimishaSajayan) as the legal advocate. She fights the case against a senior lawyer named Santosh Narayanan (NedumudiVenu). Now the question is how she proves her is client innocent and brings out the case in light in the remaining part of the story.

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