luxury vinyl flooring in Otsego

Vinyl is no longer synonymous with low-cost, plastic-looking flooring that we associate with 1970s houses.  The latest innovations have made vinyl or PVC flooring an alternative to laminate flooring. The origin of vinyl floors is in the 50’s, although it is not until the 70’s when they reach maturity.  Although in its origins it was low cost flooring, this type of flooring has evolved a great deal since then in terms of format, resistance, properties and, above all, aesthetics.

It is a very versatile and easy to install type of plastic cladding.  This luxury vinyl flooring in Baton Rouge, LA is made from polyvinyl chloride, better known by its abbreviation PVC.  As with laminate flooring, vinyl flooring consists, with some variation from manufacturer to manufacturer, of a core, a decorative printed vinyl layer and a high-performance protective top layer.  Their thickness usually ranges between 5 and 7 mm, making them an ideal option for renovations.  There are two types of vinyl flooring: flexible, which are the most traditional, and rigid, which are the new generation.


 Depending on the installation system, we must differentiate between:

Glued vinyl flooring: This is the most basic and economical way in which we can buy vinyl flooring.  They are sold in rolls several meters long and wide.  It is ideal for large rooms where little or no adjustment or cutting is required.  The main handicap they present is that they need a level and smooth floor for their installation.

Click system vinyl flooring: “It is the most common option today for domestic use. Its installation system is the same as that of a laminate floor, so with a little skill, you can install it yourself. Although you can installed on the previous floor, being an ideal option for reforms, if the old floor tiles have very wide joints, the floor must be leveled beforehand. Otherwise, once installed, the joints would be marked.


 They are the new generation of vinyl floors.  They are placed in floating installation without sticking to the slab and, with click-type anchoring between pieces, just like traditional laminate floors.  They can be installed on a base that is not perfect, whether it is a concrete screed that does not have self-leveling or on another floor that has already been installed.