Attributes Of A Dependable Commercial Cleaning Service:

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Examine these qualities that a reliable commercial cleaning service should have before establishing a contract with them to clean your office. Keeping these standards in mind will help your business thrive while also positively impacting the surrounding. Get in touch with a commercial cleaning company in Sherwood Park, AB, to avail the finest services.

Favorable Reputation:

Make sure they have a track record of excellence before you hire them to clean your company.

You may accomplish this in several ways, including talking to individuals in the business or former customers of the firm, reading references from satisfied clients, and looking them up online.


Every daily, weekly, or quarterly cleaning plan should be provided to you by your business. Providing this timeline removes any room for speculation, allowing you to concentrate on running your company as usual.

The cleaning service’s arrivals should be reliable and punctual and have everything they’ll have to do the work. With the help of a well-organized cleaning company, you and your business can ensure that your workplace will always be spotless for your employees.

Dedication to High Standards:

When they come to clean your workplace, your cleaning company should always provide 100%. Be sure you provide extensive training to all new hires on properly cleaning and maintaining high-contact surfaces to guarantee that this quality requirement is met.

Furthermore, employees should be taught how and where to clean without disturbing desks or other costly office furniture and how to report any accidents that occur on the job.

Licensed and Fully Insured:

Ensure your cleanup service is insured to relieve some of the burdens of always keeping tabs on them. You have priceless documents and other vital stuff at your workplace that you need to keep safe.

So, check that the cleaning service you choose has security bonds and corporate general insurance coverage.

Safe and Private:

You need to know that your commercial cleaning service is trustworthy since your firm handles sensitive information and works with prominent customers.

Make sure the business you select has screened all its employees thoroughly before letting them inside your building.